Environmental Policy

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Haddenham Garden Centre is an environmentally friendly company, dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint.


All our cardboard and plastic waste is recycled.  We crush all unused cardboard and plastics into bales on site, and then these are sent to a recycling centre.

Biomass Heating

In the garden centre we have recently replaced oil heaters with a biomass heating system, this has greatly reduced our carbon footprint.  We burn wood pellets made from scrap wood that would have otherwise been thrown away.  Plants take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and use it to grow their leaves, flowers, branches, and stems. Then carbon dioxide is returned to the air when the wood is burned.  However unlike oil and other fossil fuels, biomass energy is renewable, which means we can make more biomass in a relatively short time by growing more plants or trees.  These new plants and trees take in carbon dioxide, and so the renewable cycle begins again!

LED Lighting

We have replaced fluorescent tube lights with energy efficient LED lighting, this has cut our lighting energy use by 70%

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