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  • Regatta Clothing Sale

    Come and grab a bargain in our Regatta Clothing Sale!

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  • Wild Bird Care

    Good quality high energy feeds are what birds need in winter,  going into spring to meet garden birds’ energy requirements through the coming year

    One in three people are now doing things specifically to encourage wildlife into the garden – which is an increase of a third compared to four years ago. Also, a survey by Ipsos Mori, commissioned by the HTA revealed that 75% of garden owners agree or strongly agree with the statement “It’s important to me that my garden supports wildlife like birds and bees”.  60% of us now regularly feed the birds in our garden and nearly a quarter provide nesting and breeding habitats.

    There are a wide variety of foods available which attract different species and different diners to your garden.  Garden favourites the robin and blackbirds love plump, juicy mealworms which will provide a good source of protein, fat and valuable moisture. There is a huge variety of seed mixes are full of nutritional value and are eagerly consumed by most species.  Straight seeds such as sunflower hearts are the first choice for many birds and black sunflowers are enjoyed by chaffinches, greenfinches, sparrows and tits. Nyger seeds are nirvana for goldfinches and siskins.

    Click here to read the HTA guide to making your garden beneficial for wildlife.

    Posted at February 4, 2014 | Categories : Gardening Tips and Advice,News
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