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  • February Jobs in the Garden

    • Prepare vegetable seed beds, some veg can be sown under cover now like lettuce & other salad crops.
    • Chit seed potatoes.
    • Net fruit & veg crops to keep birds off.
    • Prune winter flowering shrubs that have finished flowering.
    • Divide bulbs such as snowdrops & plant those that need planting ‘ in the green’
    • Prune Wisteria
    • Prune hardy evergreen hedges & renovate overgrown deciduous hedges.
    • Prune conservatory climbers such as Bourgainvillea.
    • Cut back deciduous grasses left uncut over winter. Remove dead grass from evergreen grasses.
    • Sweet peas can now be sown under cloches.
    • Lily bulbs can be planted in pots, for flowers this summer.
    • Test your soil for PH & nutrient levels, we have soil testing kits instore.
    • Clear up weedy beds before mulching.
    • Mulching with a deep layer of organic matter (composted bark or farm manure) helps to condition the soil, suppress weed growth, insulate plant roots during cold spells & helps retain moisture during the summer months.
    • Continue to plant roses.
    • Mole activity increases during February,  ask a member of staff for help  if this is becoming a problem.
    • This is a good time to dig a new pond.
    • Check & repair pergolas & arches if needed.
    • This is a good time to design or re-design your garden, put your ideas down on paper & cost the work out – we are happy to help with this.

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  • January Jobs in the Garden

    This is a good time to clean old pots, seed trays & even your greenhouse. Thorough cleaning (using Citrox) will reduce pest & disease problems, it will also reduce any propagation issues you may face.

    • Prune apple & pear trees.
    • Keep putting food & water out for hungry birds.
    • Dig over vacant plots of land that have not already been dug.
    • Sow seeds of Begonia, Lobelia, Salvia & Pelargoniums in a heated greenhouse or propagator.
    • Sweet Peas can be sown this month.
    • Cut off old leaves of Hellebores.
    • Rake up any winter debris & leaves off your borders.
    • Inspect any stored tubers such as Dahlia’s for signs of drying out.
    • Bare-root hedging can still be planted this month.
    • Check tree ties & tree stakes on established plants this month. Replace, tighten or slacken them where necessary.
    • Use mulch (applied thickly) to prevent roots from being frosted on newly planted trees & shrubs.
    • Put rabbit guards around newly planted trees & shrubs to protect bark from rabbit damage.
    • Repair lawn edges, especially around flower & shrub borders.
    • Mole activity will increase during January & February due to mating. Remove large hills & re-firm before overseeding in Spring.
    • Place floats on the surface of your pond to prevent freezing.
    • Rake out fallen leaves from your pond.
    • In dry spells, you can treat timber structures, including garden furniture with wood preservatives or stain. (We recommend Ronseal products for all your needs)
    • Put lagging around outdoor taps.
    • Take action to remove algae from paths. (We recommend Patio Magic)
    • Water houseplants sparingly. (most prefer to be barely moist in winter)
    • Keep indoor azaleas cool & well watered. (water with rain water not tap water.)
    • If it snows remove the snow from the branches of conifers, climbing plants & light limbed shrubs to prevent splitting & other damage.

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  • December Jobs in the Garden

    • You can move established deciduous trees & shrubs now, providing the ground is not frozen or soggy.
    • Continue to plant bare root deciduous hedging plants.
    • Put rabbit guards (tree guards) around newly planted trees & shrubs.
    • Check your greenhouse heater is working.
    • Insulate outdoor taps.
    • Prevent your garden pond from freezing.
    • Prune open ground apples & pears (but not those trained against a wall).
    • Prune Acers, birches & vines before Christmas to avoid bleeding. (Use seal & heal to help healing process)
    • Harvest leeks, parsnips, winter cabbage, sprouts & remaining root crops.
    • Reduce watering of houseplants.
    • Clear up weedy beds ready for Spring mulching.
    • Ensure your tender plants are fleeced for winter protection.
    • Finish your Autumn tidy–up of leaves etc from beds & borders if you haven’t done so already.
    • Raise patio containers onto feet to avoid them sitting in the winter wet.
    • Large pots that are at risk of cracking in the frost should be covered with bubble wrap or fleece, to insulate them over the winter months.
    • Bring tender plants & tubs into your greenhouse during December.
    • Continue to remove fallen leaves from your lawn.
    • Re-cut lawn edges to crisp up the appearance of the garden & save work next season.
    • Avoid walking on your lawn on frosty mornings as it will damage the grass.
    • Remove algae from paths if they have become slippery – we recommend Patio Magic.
    • Prevent premature needle drop on your Christmas tree by choosing a Nordmann Pine, these hold their needles longer. Avoid placing your tree near a heat source i.e fire, radiator. Cut trees last longer if stood in a bucket of water or a stand with a reservoir. (check it has fresh water regularly). Saw 5-7.5cm (2-3”) off the bottom of the trunk to allow the tree to drink freely.
    • Insulate your greenhouse with bubble wrap.
    • Invest in a max/min thermometer to monitor the temperature in your greenhouse.
    • Put mowers & hedge trimmers away for winter.  Drain any fuel left in machinery.

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  • Santa’s Grotto!

    The grotto will be open every weekend up to and including Sunday 18th December from 11am – 4pm

    Posted at November 22, 2016 | Categories : News
  • Christmas has arrived at Haddenham Garden Centre!

    We have started to set up our Christmas displays,  lots of lovely products out already!



    Posted at September 29, 2016 | Categories : News
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