January Jobs in the Garden

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This is a good time to clean old pots, seed trays & even your greenhouse. Thorough cleaning will reduce pest & disease problems, it will also reduce any propagation issues you may face.

  • Prune apple & pear trees.
  • Keep putting food & water out for hungry birds.
  • Dig over vacant plots of land that have not already been dug.
  • Sow seeds of Begonia, Lobelia, Salvia & Pelargoniums in a heated greenhouse or propagator.
  • Sweet Peas can be sown this month.
  • Cut off old leaves of Hellebores.
  • Rake up any winter debris & leaves off your borders.
  • Inspect any stored tubers such as Dahlia’s for signs of drying out.
  • Bare-root hedging can still be planted this month.
  • Check tree ties & tree stakes on established plants this month. Replace, tighten or slacken them where necessary.
  • Use mulch (applied thickly) to prevent roots from being frosted on newly planted trees & shrubs.
  • Put rabbit guards around newly planted trees & shrubs to protect bark from rabbit damage.
  • Repair lawn edges, especially around flower & shrub borders.
  • Mole activity will increase during January & February due to mating. Remove large hills & re-firm before overseeding in Spring.
  • Place floats on the surface of your pond to prevent freezing.
  • Rake out fallen leaves from your pond.
  • In dry spells, you can treat timber structures, including garden furniture with wood preservatives or stain. (We recommend Ronseal products for all your needs)
  • Put lagging around outdoor taps.
  • Take action to remove algae from paths.
  • Water houseplants sparingly. (most prefer to be barely moist in winter)
  • Keep indoor azaleas cool & well watered. (water with rain water not tap water.)
  • If it snows remove the snow from the branches of conifers, climbing plants & light limbed shrubs to prevent splitting & other damage.
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