May Jobs in the Garden

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  • Watch out for late frosts and protect tender plants with fleece.
  • Hedges can start to be clipped, check for nesting birds before you start.
  • Mow lawns weekly
  • Collect rainwater with a water butt.
  •  Hoe borders to prevent annual weeds from spreading.
  • Liquid feed plants in containers every two to four weeks.  Q4 soluble is a good general feed.
  • Top dress spring flowering Alpines with grit or gravel to prevent rotting.
  • Prune Clematis Montana after flowering.
  • Remove any reverted green shoots from variegated evergreens.
  • Tie in Rambling & climbing roses as near to horizontal as possible. This will encourage more side shoots, therefore producing more flowers.
  • Check roses for signs of black spot and aphids, we recommend Roseclear is used as a preventative.
  • Caterpillars, aphids and other flying pests can be a problem this time of year.  PY products are excellent at controlling these issues.
  • Apply a high nitrogen feed to your lawn to encourage a healthy looking lawn. Scott’s lawn builder lawn food is our recommendation.
  • Remove dirt and algae from walls, paving and patios, we recommend Patio Magic.
  • In dry spells, treat timber products with Ronseal timber care.
  • Apply greenhouse shading to the outside of glass to prevent temperatures soaring on sunny days.
  • If growing tomatoes, peppers and aubergines in a greenhouse remember to tie in the leading shoots. Stems are less likely to break or grow in an undesired direction if trained early on.
  • Apply a liquid feed to spring bulbs after they have flowered, to encourage good flowering next year, we recommend Q4 soluble.
  • Trim back Aubrietia and Alyssum after flowering, this encourages fresh growth and new flowers.
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