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June Jobs in the Garden

Posted at June 5, 2018 | Categories : News

  • Hoe borders regularly to keep weeds down.
  • Pinch out tomato side shoots.
  • Plant out summer bedding.
  • Stake tall or floppy plants.
  • Shade greenhouses to keep them cool, use greenhouse shading liquid.
  • Make sure plants are well watered during dry spells.
  • Divide Hostas as they come into growth.
  • Aphids multiply rapidly in the summer, control with Bug Clear ultra.
  • Mow & edge your lawns once a week.
  • Apply a high nitrogen feed to your lawn, we recommend Scott’s Lawn builder.
  • Prune deciduous Magnolias once in full leaf.
  • Clip evergreen hedges.
  • Prune flowering shrubs like Weigela, Deutzia & Philadelphus after they have flowered.
  • Tie in climbing & rambling roses.
  • Prune overcrowded, dead or diseased stems of Clematis Montana once it has finished flowering.
  • Remove reverted shoots on hardy variegated plants.
  • Sprinkle fertiliser around perennials, shrubs & roses, we recommend Vitax Q4.
  • Caterpillars, aphids & other fly pests can be problematic at this time of year, use PY products to control pests.
  • Check roses for signs of blackspot & aphids, we recommend Roseclear as a preventative.
  • To remove algae from paths & patios use Patio Magic
  • Prune out any remaining frost damage from evergreen shrubs.
  • Put your summer hanging baskets & containers out, keep an eye out for late frosts & fleece plants if required.
  • Harvest water we have a range of water butts available.
  • Dead head roses to encourage more blooms.
  • Large flowering poppies can be cut back to ground level after flowering, feed with Vitax Q 4 & water well.
  • Thin out fruit -  apples , pears etc.