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Fruit Trees and Berries

Posted at September 15, 2013 | Categories : Gardening Tips and Advice

Research commissioned by the HTA revealed that over two fifths of gardeners mistakenly believe that fruit trees and berries should be planted in spring, whilst in actual fact autumn is the key time to do so.

Despite the surge in grow your own gardening; many people still overlook the possibilities of home grown fruits and berries. There is an increasing number of tasty, unusual fruit such as gooseberries and loganberries that will happily grow in the UK climate. Growing your own fruit can be very rewarding – not only does it taste better, but is friendly to the environment and more importantly, you know where it’s come from”.

Small fruits and berries are nutritious, easy to grow at home and relatively low-maintenance, but planting them is a long-term commitment and it can take several seasons before fruit is seen. As the greatest abundance of fruit tends to appear in late summer and early autumn, it’s important to plant them during the autumn season and early winter.

Strawberries are the best choice to grow as they take up little space, are easy to maintain and their delicious fruit can be eaten straight from the plan. Their trailing habit makes them ideal for growing in containers or hanging baskets and the plants are cheap and easy to propagate.

Fruit trees are often referred to as a top fruit and can be further divided into two categories. PIP Fruit involves apples and pears and Stone Fruit involves plums, apricots, peaches, greengages, nectarines, cherries and damsons. Each type of fruit tree has a wide range of varieties and, by careful selection; fruit can be produced over a long period in summer for storage into autumn. It is best to grow different varieties of the same fruit near to one another to improve pollination and produce the best crop.

Easy guide to Growing Fruit