Autumn Planting

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Autumn is the ideal season to plant all kinds of things in the garden from vegetables, seeding lawns, shrubs and perennials to evergreen, fruit, and deciduous trees. Yet when it comes to planting, many gardeners mistakenly think this should be done in Spring.

The ideal period for autumn planting is regarded as six weeks before the first hard frost so September and October is the perfect window for gardeners. Rather than let your garden lie dormant over winter, it can be rich with colour from oranges to reds, vibrant pinks and purples, blues to evergreens.

Autumn is a great time to plant as the soil is warm and the rain is frequent, providing plenty of moisture. This will give the plant the best start in life and encourage root growth. The plant will have time to put down roots before winter so that when spring arrives it will have a real head start. The plant will also require less watering as it will have already started to establish.

When planting, water well and remove the pot. Plant in a hole that’s approximately around 5cm larger all round. Back fill with soil mixed with multi purpose compost and gently firm. Water again and repeat regularly until established.

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