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August Jobs in the Garden

Posted at August 7, 2017 | Categories : News
  • Start to cut back cottage garden plants that have already flowered.
  • Continue to dead head bedding plants in borders, containers & hanging baskets to prolong flowering.
  • It is still important to continue to feed your planted arrangements & hanging baskets, we recommend soluble Q4.
  • Prune climbing & rambling roses that do not repeat flower or produce rosehips, once the flowers have finished.
  • Powdery mildew can be prevalent this time of year, treat with Fungus fighter.
  • Prune Wisteria & Pyracantha after flowering.
  • Lightly prune Hebe’s & Lavenders after flowering.
  • Make sure all plants are well watered throughout dry sunny spells.
  • Blackspot on roses is very common. Remove affected & fallen leaves & burn them to prevent spread.
  • When mowing your lawn raise the blades, this will help reduce drought stress.
  • Browning on the lawn is very common at this time of year. Don’t water the grass unless absolutely necessary. It will green up when the autumn rains arrive.
  • Water houseplants freely when they are in growth.
  • Feed your houseplants, usually once every two weeks with a liquid feed, we recommend Baby Bio.
  • Damp down greenhouses on hot days to maintain humidity levels.
  • Keep your ponds & water features topped up.
  • Start to feed your soil with organic matter.
  • Cut out old fruited canes on your raspberries.